Green Impact for Health

Charlton is a Green Practice

Charlton has been featured in the Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin ICB Newsletter. Please click HERE to read the article.

We have recently submitted our Green Impact toolkit for assessment. The auditors have reviewed it, and awarded Charlton a Green Impact Silver award with the following feedback : 

"Congratulations on achieving the Green Impact Silver award. Over the next few years as you continue to increase your sustainability, the toolkit can help you know what to do and how to do it. Tackling the carbon footprint of your energy consumption could start with planning to switch your supplier to a renewable source.  Getting more of the team involved will help you achieve more and do it more quickly. You can resubmit for the next level award as you increase your green achievements in the practice.  Good Luck"

To view our Green Impact Silver Certificate, please click HERE

Charlton Medical Centre is delighted to be signed up to the Green Impact for Health Toolkit and we are actively taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint. 

The climate emergency is also a health emergency, and health care in the UK contributes 5.4% of the UK's carbon emissions. We need to enhance the health of our current population without compromising the health of future generations, and this means operating within the sustainable boundaries of the planet. Fortunately most of the solutions for the planet also make our health better - for example eating a mainly plant-based diet, engaging in active travel and exercise in nature, avoiding smoking, reducing pollution etc all enhance our health and reduce our need for medications, with further benefits to the NHS, your health and the carbon footprint of healthcare. Take a look at to learn more about this.

The scheme covers many different areas including:

  • Social prescribing
  • Fuel poverty recognition and support
  • Reducing waste and increased recycling
  • More environmentally friendly inhaler choices

Look out for new developments in the near future including:

  • Patient and staff cycle racks
  • Information on inhaler recycling

If you have any ideas for how we can further improve our environmental impact please leave us some feedback!