Important information for all patients of Charlton Medical Centre

Instances of abusive and bad behaviour are a growing concern within our GP practices across Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin.


We are appealing to everyone to please remember the pressures our healthcare professionals are facing and to be respectful and kind when speaking to them.


Abusive behaviour is never acceptable, and it will not be tolerated. It is upsetting and demoralising and only serves to deepen the problem.


Sadly, we hear far too regularly that our staff face abusive and bad behaviour whilst they are trying to do their jobs. This has a negative impact on their ability to do their roles to the best of their abilities and can have a knock-on effect on family and friends too.

We understand frustrations, but please be aware that demand for appointments, consultations, and waiting lists have all increased. To try to manage this, the hours worked by our staff have also increased to manage this demand.


Every patient who gets in touch with their GP practice is triaged and signposted to the most appropriate service or treatment for them.

This might mean seeing someone face-to-face, whether that is a GP or another healthcare professional who can help with the issue. It might also mean advice over email or signposting to another service such as community pharmacy.

Using all these different ways to see and advise patients has helped General Practice to manage the increasing number of people who need help.  

For those seeking help, please help us by providing as much information as possible when you get in touch. This helps the practice to provide you with the right service in the right timescales.  

Please also bear in mind that our local healthcare system remains incredibly busy, and we are providing the best service we can, given the demand.

We can all do our bit to help to use health and care services appropriately, to treat everyone with respect, and to protect our NHS.

Please remember our NHS services rely on the sheer hard work and dedication of our teams. Please consider this when you next contact the practice.

Think Which Campaign

'Think Which Service' Campaign Spring/Summer 2024

This campaign empowers residents living in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin to stay well and use services appropriately this Summer.

The campaign continues to focus on helping people get quicker urgent care in the most appropriate place, highlighting NHS 111 online, the Minor Injury Units, and pharmacies as key urgent care services. Simultaneously, it encourages people to self-care by taking steps to prevent illness this spring/summer such as keeping up to date with vaccinations, staying well and hydrated in the heat and sun safety. As well as checking in on vulnerable or elderly neighbours, friends or family members and keeping their medicine cabinet well stocked to enable people to treat themselves for minor ailments at home.

The campaign aims to ensure our health and care system runs as smoothly as possible by; reducing demand on General Practice, reducing the pressure on our A&E’s and ultimately reducing ambulance handover delays.

For more information about the 'Think' campaign, please visit: www.thinkwhichservice.co.uk


NHS Friends and Family

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